RBH Golf Lessons

RBH Golf Lessons offers you the opportunity to relax, enjoy yourself and improve a sport you love or simply give you the chance to learn to play the wonderful game of golf for the first time.

Adult Individual Lesson

60 mins – €75

Adult Joint Lessons

Add €25 for the extra adult

Group: 3/4 adults (larger groups price on request)

1 hour – €120

Junior Individual Lesson (age 16 and under)

60 mins – €55

Joint Junior Lessons

Add €15 for the extra child to the individual prices above

Family Group: 3+ (parents & children)

60 mins – €110

2 hour Playing Lesson including Green Fee and Golf Buggy

Adult Individual – €165 or joint – €110 pp

Junior Individual – €125 or joint – €80 pp

Lessons Include:

Range balls, Golf Clubs if required, Green Fees and Golf Buggy with all Playing Lessons.

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