RBH Golf Lessons

RBH Golf Lessons are with Fully Qualified PGA Golf Professional, Richard Hudson.

RBH Golf Lessons hub is Pinheiros Altos offering you the opportunity to relax, enjoy yourself and improve a sport you love or simply give you the chance to learn to play the wonderful game of golf for the first time.

RBH Golf Lessons can be arranged anywhere in the world.

Adult Individual Lesson

30 mins – €45

60 mins – €75

Adult Joint Lessons

Add €25 for the extra adult to the individual prices above

Group: 3 or 4 adults (larger groups price on request)

1 hour – €120

Junior Individual Lesson (age 16 and under)

30 mins – €40

60 mins – €55

Joint Junior Lessons

Add €15 for the extra child to the individual prices above

Family Group: 3+ (parents & children)

60 mins – €100

2 hour Playing Lesson

Adult Individual – €150 or joint – €100 pp

Junior Individual – €110 or joint – €70 pp

Lessons Include:

Range balls, Golf Clubs if required and Green Fees with all Playing Lessons.

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