The Golf Swing Plane Trainer that delivers instant and dramatic results

PlaneSWING® is the True Swing Plane Trainer, designed to give you an instant feel for the perfect golf swing and to ingrain a repetitive motion. Plus,
PlaneSWING® will give you a better understanding of the golf swing and teach you how to apply a quick-fix when needed during a round!

“Instant feel, instant understanding, instant results, it’s golf, Plane and Simple. If you want extra distance, more power, improved accuracy, greater consistency then you need PlaneSWING®.”

Whether a PGA Tour player or a beginner, left or right handed, male or female, senior or junior, we believe that you’ll experience rapid improvement with permanent results with the new PlaneSWING® Golf Swing Trainer.

You’ll discover that regular use will develop motor-skill change (commonly referred to as ‘muscle memory’), training and strengthening your golfing muscles in the correct motion.

PAR €650 with long standard PowerSLIDER 

BIRDIE €750 with long & EITHER short PowerSLIDER or long LIGHT PowerSLIDER 

EAGLE €850 with all 3 PowerSLIDERS


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