Improve your distance instantly with the unique PowerSTANCE®.

Hitting balls when using the patented PowerSTANCE® aids balance, alignment, weight transference and ball position and can dramatically improve ball flight, distance and accuracy.

  • Light and durable, PowerSTANCE is easily transported to the range
  • Hit balls when using PowerSTANCE
  • Simple adjustable stance setting for long and short game
  • Ball position indicator

Fewer things are more important in generating distance and accuracy than balance and body position. And nothing is more effective at teaching proper balance and position than the PowerSTANCE, the most comprehensive lower body trainer. When your body and feet are in proper position and in balance, you are poised to get the most from your golf swing.

Whether a Tour Player or novice golfer, PowerSTANCE® delivers an instant understanding of how your body should be positioned at address and the weight shift through the swing.

You will understand the importance of getting loaded at the top of the backswing and the transition will generate more power than before resulting in a dynamic position at impact and a confident release through to the target.

Step out of PowerSTANCE® and that feeling stays with you

Use PowerSTANCE® at home or on the practice range to ingrain a powerful and repeatable motion

Use PowerSTANCE® inside the PlaneSWING® the worlds #1 Swing Trainer for the ultimate training experience

Balance, Alignment of the Body, Ball and Shaft plus dynamic weight transference for added length and improved accuracy

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