The Revolutionary Golf Putting Training Aid – T-Stroke

T-Stroke is an alignment bar that attaches to the top of the putter (anchored by a golf tee) that rests on the forearms and is used to see and feel proper connection and arm alignment during the stroke.

This simple alignment tool, creates the optimum bio-mechanical angle between the putter-shaft and the forearms allowing the arms to hang naturally from the shoulders and sets the forearms and shoulder alignment squarely to the target-line!

Aligning the forearms and shoulders squarely to the target-line and the forearms parallel to the shaft/lie angle of the putter, the putter-face is square to the stroke T-Stroke guarantees a repeatable set-up position and because you can stroke the putts whilst using T-Stroke, you gain confidence and feel by repeating the position and movement every-time.

If T-Stroke feels strange in the first instance, it is highlighting faults in your address position. If it feels comfortable, it is re-enforcing your good habits and these should be practiced to ensure you maintain these critical fundamentals.

Professionals on tour are constantly looking for improvements in their Alignment, Rhythm and to feel Connection through their swing. ARC has used these core fundamentals in our design, development and production of T-Stroke bringing a putting training aid that will help improve all standards of golfer.

Through a process of continuous testing and redevelopment, we are designing training aids to benefit amateur continuous progression and enjoyment of playing golf. We have listened to all levels of golf through the development of our innovative new putting aid. The result is the ground-breaking training aid that delivers enhanced alignment, rhythm and connection delivery a better golf ball roll. A better-quality strike of the golf ball will increase the balls prospects of staying online towards the hole – the result is you will increase your odds of holing those key putts!

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